SCAD Links de arte e arquitetura (em inglês)

Human Anatomy On-line
American Medical Association
Architecture and Building Sources From Jeanne M. Brown, architecture librarian at UNLV. Several hundred links, divided into subject categories, covering all aspects of architecture, construction, and preservation.
CSA/AIA Guide to Archaeological Projects Provides detailed information on archaeological projects, including the scope of each project, work dates, time periods studied, and software used. Where available, links to project web sites are provided. Co-produced by the Center for the Study of Architecture and the Archaeological Institute of America.
Net Resources from the Society of Architectural Historians A comprehensive collection of links to resources in several areas of architectural study. Make sure not to miss Part 2, "Subjects and Places," with links more focused on particular topics and locales; a link to it is provided at the bottom of the first page.
Cities/Buildings Database From the University of Washington. A searchable database of slides of well-known buildings and archaeological sites in various countries. Identified by architect name (when available) and date(s) of construction.
Digital Imaging Project From Mary Ann Sullivan at Bluffton College. Slides of European and North American architecture, photographed by Sullivan. Multiple views of each building are provided, some with close-up details, and some with interior views as well as exterior.
Great Buildings Collection Online A searchable database of slides of well-known buildings, each slide accompanied by architect name, building type, location, date(s) of construction, and construction system. Provided by Artifice, Inc., a 3D modeling software company, the page is commercial in nature, with much advertising in the search results; some images are available only on the company's for-purchase CD-ROM. Still, there is much free information here, including images of very high quality, multiple views, floor plans, notes and commentary, and bibliographies.
Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record From the Library of Congress. A searchable index to architectural drawings, photographs, and written histories for some 35,000 historic sites dating from the 17th to the 20th century. Images are currently available online for about one quarter of the materials indexed. (For those not included online, images are available on microfilm in Jen Library.)
SPIROFrom the University of California, Berkeley's Architecture Slide Library, thumbnail images ofarchitecture (buildings, sites, and floor plans) and the built environment (cities and towns).Can be searched by building or object type, building title, architect, location, or time period.To learn what is in the database and the exact form in which you need to query it, look at the alphabetical look-up tables for architect name, building name, location name, subject or object type, or source of slide.


Animation World Network Articles, interviews, and news releases; feature articles from Animation World Magazine and Visual Magic Magazine. "Animation Village" has links to the Web sites of animators, companies, festivals, user groups, and more.
CTheory An online journal with articles about culture, technology, and society. Includes links to electronic art projects.
GRAPHBIB: Computer Graphics Bibliograpy Database From Stephen N. Spencer at Ohio State University. A searchable bibliography of computer graphics-related literature.
GamasutraUp-to-date articles on game design, and announcements of new product releases. Registration is required for access to the directory of companies, job listings, and online discussions.
Highend3d Postings and discussion forums about 3D modeling, most of them on how to create a particular effect. There are also industry news updates and job listings.
SIGGRAPHInformation about the organization, including a calendar of upcoming events such as conferences and workshops. There are also examples of students' art work, slide sets for use in teaching, and general business and career resources.
The Media Theory Site A multitude of topics are covered here, among them: new media design, Web-based art projects, art criticism, cultural theory, and The Random Module Catalogue.
VFXPro News releases, features, and interviews with special effects artists. Also includes film clips, and notices of upcoming conventions and user group meetings.
Communication ArtsFrom the publishers of Communication Arts magazine, resources for the design professional, including design ideas, online exhibits, job listings, and links to relevant web sites.
David Siegel's Home Page Advice and information on a variety of topics, including web page design,typography, game design, and more.
The FontSite: Digital Typography and Design
Graphic Artists' Guild Information related to careers in graphic design, including financial issues, copyright guidelines, and job listings. Offers a link to chat boards and information about joining the Graphic Artists' Guild.
National Graphic Design Archive An online archive of materials related to twentieth century graphic art and design, from Cooper Union's Graphic Design Slide Library.
Walker Gallery--Beyond Interface Selected web art projects sponsored by the Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis.
Dia Center for the Arts -- Artist's Projects for the Web Links to a selection of web art projects commissioned by the Dia Center.
Fabric Information on fiber characteristics and treatment of fabrics.
The Fiber Resources Page This site's primary emphasis is on knitting, spinning, and weaving, but there are links to all types of resources. The links to suppliers, information on dyeing, and upcoming textile-related events are especially good.
Textile MuseumInformation about The Textile Museum in Washington, D.C., including current and upcoming exhibits.
Research Tutorial Click here to access T.I.L.T., an online literacy tutorial of the University of Texas System. Learn more about researching topics online, and take quizzes after each lesson.
Navigating the Net A well-written guide to constructing better searches, finding the information you want, and evaluating the web sites that you find. The Features section includes such items as "Ensuring Your Privacy" and "Solving Computer Crashes."
The Internet Public LibraryProvides links to information sources in the full range of subject areas, plus online newspapers and magazines. One of the best-organized and easiest-to-use sites of its type. From the School of Information at the University of Michigan.
Librarians' Index to the InternetLinks to information sources in all subject areas, with an academic orientation. Each link is accompanied by a brief description, so you will know what to expect from the site you are linking to.
Citing Electronic Resources A list of web sites that show how to cite information you have found on the Internet. Covers MLA, APA, and Turabian. From GALILEO Internet Resources.
Guidelines for deciding whether a web site is a reliable source of information. From New Mexico State University.
Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall
GrafittiA web site devoted to graffiti art, with examples from around the world, interviews and articles, reports on exhibits, and links to other related sites.
The Art Deadlines ListDates and contact information for upcoming exhibits, competitions, auditions, internships, grants, and more. For visual artists, filmmakers, writers and poets.
Art History Resources on the Web From Sweetbriar College, links to resources in art history, by time period and by region or country. Includes image databases, online journals, artist information, research and methodology, artist organizations, online art projects, and more.
ArtlexA dictionary of visual art. Provides definitions of terms along with many illustrations and links to other resources on the Web.
ArtSourceLinks to selected artists' projects, online journals and exhibits, art schools and libraries, and architecture resources.
ArtsWireFrom the New York Foundation for the Arts. Current news in the visual and performing arts; job listings and available grants; calls for exhibitions; and practical information for those undertaking art projects or operating arts organizations.
The Labyrinth: Sources for Medieval Studies From Georgetown University. There are links to resources in cartography, science, music, religion and philosophy, art and architecture. There is a special emphasis on illuminated manuscripts.
Museums Around the World Annotated links to museums worldwide, listed by country.
The National Endowment for the Arts Detailed information about federal grants, and laws affecting nonprofit organizations.
Perseus From the Department of Classics at Tufts University. A digital library of materials related to the art and archaeology of the ancient world. In addition to images, it includes texts in Latin and ancient Greek. Click "Secondary Sources" for a link to the Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites.
A Sampling of Exhibits Online Links to 30 or so different exhibits online. Some are about an individual artist, others are centered on a particular theme, others are very general collections of artwork.
MODA Links to suppliers for textiles and related supplies. International in scope.
Textile Dictionary Dictionary definitions of various fabrics, their manufacture, and their uses.
Virtual Garment Center A database for locating manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, jobbers, and other in the fashion industry. There is also a classifieds section, for buying and selling garments, fabrics, and miscellaneous items.
PORTAIS br> Gateway sites which provide large collections of links to web sites in all academic areas.
Access to Internet and Subject Resources Links to a long list of subjects, from Accounting to Women's Studies. Under each category, click on "Guide to Internet Resources" for lists of annotated links.
The Argus Clearinghouse Links to sites in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Click on "Digital Librarian's Award" to see sites that are especially recommended.
BUBL LINK Based in England, this is one of the most thorough lists of web sites, providing resources on hundreds of different subjects.
HUMBUL (the HUManities BULletin board) Provides links to sites in several areas of the humanities, encompassing both traditional disciplines and areas where computing and the humanities intersect.
Librarians' Index to the Internet Links to sites in all academic subject areas. This site can be searched by browsing their list of topics, or by typing in keywords of your choice.
Scout Report Signpost More than 3,000 links, arranged by Library of Congress classification (the same system used in shelving library books by subject).
Voice of the ShuttleLinks to humanities and humanities-related resources. The emphasis here is on both the traditional humanities, and the interdisciplinary studies created by the intersection of the humanities with the sciences, social sciences, and digital media.
WWW Virtual Library A cooperative effort of hundreds of volunteers around the world, the World Wide Web Virtual Library provides links to resources in all academic subject areas, each area covered in a separate web site authored by a subject specialist.
ICOMOS: International Council on Monuments and SitesAn international organization of professionals dedicated to the conservation of the world's historic monuments and sites. Includes the text of principles and charters establishing international guidelines for preservation of historic structures and sites.
Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (A searchable index to architectural drawings, photographs, and written histories for some 35,000 historic sites dating from the 17th to the 20th century. Images are currently available online for about one quarter of the materials indexed. (For those not included online, images are available on microfilm in Jen Library.)
National Trust LibraryThis site offers two useful features. For a searchable index of citations to articles in 325 historic preservation newsletters and magazines, click "Catalogs and Databases." Click "Links" for a long list of web sites related to historic preservation.
Preservation Briefs (From the National Park Service's program Technical Preservation Services for Historic Buildings. The Preservation Briefs give detailed instructions on dealing with preservation and repair problems encountered in historic buildings.)
Academy of American Poets
"Find A Poet" Includes brief biographies and full-text samples of poet's work.
Bartlett's Quotations From "The Bartleby Library: Great Books Online," an electronic version of the classic book of quotations, searchable by keyword and author.
BBC Online Contemporary links and stories to world news and entertainment. Good source for reviews of movies, plays and books.
Books Online This site is huge and varied, serving as a giant gateway to e-texts across the Net. There seems to be no special slant to this page other than the inevitable concentration of American texts; there are scholarly books on Hollywood, comprehensive Aeschylus texts, nearly complete poems of T.S. Eliot, and historical analyses. While it is impossible for the site to be absolutely comprehensive, if you think a text might be on the Web, this is an excellent place to look, it is easy to browse as well as search.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Full text of Shakespeare's works, with keyword searching capability. "A somewhat haphazard and pronouncedly idiosyncratic sharing of matters cultural." A little of everything: films, theatre, books, performances, music, art, etc. Great biographies and reviews for events in San Francisco, New York and London.
Eighteenth-Century Studies This collection archives works of the eighteenth century from the perspectives of literary and cultural studies. Novels, plays, memoirs, treatises and poems of the period are kept here (in some cases, influential texts from before 1700 or after 1800 as well), along with modern criticism.
Humanities Text Initiative The Humanities Text Initiative is an effort by the University of Michigan to put literary texts on the Internet. The ultimate goal is to create a repository of works which will aid scholars in electronic publishing, by allowing them to link to the texts included in the HTI collection. Currently the collection includes many diverse works of poetry and prose, several different editions of the Bible, a few reference works, and a small selection of literary illustrations, such as William Blake's engravings.
The Internet Classics Archive Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors, including user-driven commentary and "reader's choice" Web sites. Mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation.
Internet Public Library: Online Literary Criticism Includes critical and biographical material about authors and their works. Inter-Play: an on-line index to plays in collections, anthologies and periodicals
"Inter-Play provides easy access to the locations of printed plays in collections, anthologies and periodicals. Most of the plays cited are notindexed in the standard printed play indexes such as Ottemiller's Index to Plays in Collections or H. W. Wilson's Play Index."
Jack Lynch’s Eighteenth-Century Resources - Literature
Literature and Drama links from GALILEO A collection of links from Georgia Library Learning Online (GALILEO).
Mr. William Shakepeare and the Internet Links to critical writings and biographical information, a timeline and genealogy, and Shakespeare-related humor.
Oxford Text Archive An electronic text center, in operation since 1976, with more than 2500 different resources in 25 languages, provided by academic scholars. Full-text searching capability is available. Includes works by individual authors and reference works such as dictionaries.
Project Gutenberg The full text of hundreds of books, taken from public domain editions. The eventual goal is to provide public domain etext editions a short time after they enter the public domain. There are three portions of the Project Gutenberg Library: Light Literature; such as Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass, Peter Pan, Aesop's Fables, etc. Heavy Literature; such as the Bible or other religious documents, Shakespeare, Moby Dick, Paradise Lost, etc. References; such as Roget's Thesaurus, almanacs, and a set of encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.
Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature Main Page Includes well chosen links covering American and English literature.
The Web ConcordancesConcordances on the works of: selected English poets from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy "Articles in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are currently from three sources (1) adaptations from public domain sources, (2) adaptations of material written by the editor for classroom purposes, and (3) original contributions by professional philosophers around the internet. Over time, the editor seeks to replace all of the first two type of articles with original contributions by professional philosophers (see submission guidelines). The first two type of articles are identifiable by the inclusion of the initials IEP at the foot of the article. By contrast, original articles are identifiable by the author's name at the close. Presently, most articles in the history of philosophy prior to 1900, such as "Aristotle", are compiled from at least three public domain sources and have been heavily edited. Presently, most of the articles on philosophical terminology, such as "Universals", are by the editor."
Philosophy in Cyberspace Philosophy in Cyberspace indexes thousands of philosophy resources and is one of few such indexes which is annotated and updated regularly.
Bulfinch's Mythology The online version of the classic reference book on mythology. There are explanations of Greek, Roman, Nordic, and Druidic myths, descriptions of mythological characters, and selections from poetry based on myths. In addition, there are links to other web sites with relevant articles, intended to provide more recent interpretations of mythology.
The Catholic Encyclopedia The Catholic Encyclopedia, published in 1905, is now available online. Comprehensive and detailed historical information about people, places, events, objects, scripture, doctrine, and practices related to Catholicism.
Egyptian Myths For images of Egyptian gods and goddesses, click "The Deities" at the bottom of the page. 50 different representations, with descriptions.
The Encyclopedia Mythica Basic information about characters, creatures, objects, and places appearing in myths from a multitude of cultures and countries. Whereas Bulfinch's Mythology is more limited in cultural scope, and includes longer, in-depth essays, this site is useful for brief articles and definitions covering a greater number of cultures.
HTI The Koran Full-text, keyword searchable.
Virtual Religion Index A wealth of information on religions, from all places, cultures, and time periods, well-organized for ease of use and navigability.
Insect Drawings at Illinois Images of the most common insect orders, originally drawn on canvas as a WPA project, and recently retrieved from a historic building at the University of Illinois.
Early Illustrators of Children's BooksLinks to around 40 web sites presenting information about children's book illustrators of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Locating Public Domain Images From the American Library Association, an annotated list of links to sites offering downloadable images.
Librarian's Index to the Internet - Images (Instructions: Click on Images, then Graphics, and then Clip Art.) A collection of links to image databases of many different kinds--news photos, fine art, clipart, satellite photos, animal photos, graphic designs, medical images, and many others. The sites included here reflect the best of what is available on the Internet, and this is a good starting point for finding what you want. A few more sites worth seeing, which are not included in the Librarian's Index, are listed below. An image finder. Type in what you're looking for, and browse the results.
Gateway to Art History: Image Collections and Online Art Links to many types of art on the Internet. This page's best feature is its collection of links by world region and culture.
World Art Treasures From the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation. Some 100,000 slides, accompanied by "lectures" on selected topics. The emphasis is on the cultures of East Asian countries and ancient Egypt, but examples from other regions are also included. Available in both English and French.
Actors Equity The union for theater actors and stage managers in the U.S.
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists The union for performers and broadcasters in radio, television, sound recordings, industrial programming, and new media.
Actor Source Not sponsored by an organization or academic institution, this page is rather the project of a working actor wanting to provide advice to people starting out in acting. Many practical issues are covered, such as the financial aspects of moving to Hollywood and choosing the right monologue to use at an audition.
The Costume Page: Theatrical Costume Links to various web sites about different types of costumes for the stage.
Elizabethan Costuming Page Links to sources of information on creating Elizabethan costumes for the stage.
Musicals101.comThis site offers a variety of resources about musicals, including a history of musical theater and musical film; a list of musicals with their opening dates and number of performances, and the company with the licensing rights; and a "Who's Who" featuring brief biographies of performers, writers, and musicians.
Playbill News and articles, interviews, jobs and casting calls, listings of shows on and off Broadway and in London, and regular features such as "Diva Talk."
The Playwriting seminars An extensive and practical guide to the various creative and business aspects of the playwright's craft.
Screen Actors GuildThe union for screen actors in the U.S.
A list of Internet addresses for photography history, exhibits, processes, professional practices, and links to other web sites is available through the Jen Library Web page at Jenlibrary
American Museum of Photography Presents selected high-quality images from the museum's permanent collections and from ongoing exhibitions. The Research Center provides information on early photographic processes and photographic preservation.
American Society of Media Photographers A 5,000-member trade organization, promoting professional standards and photographers' rights.
Bengt's Photo Page
Telia An extensive list of links to other web sites, photo news groups, and online magazines.
Helios The umbrella site for photography at the National Museum of American Art. Provides images from a number of ongoing exhibits.
Metropolitan Museum of Art Hazen Center--Internet Resources Links to historic collections of photographs online.
Photo Eye GalleryThe Web site of a New Mexico bookstore specializing in photography books. In addition to selling books, the site offers the "Gallery," featuring a rotating exhibition of selected photographers' works. For each photographer, there is a biography and resume, so this is a good potential source for biographical information on currently working photographers.
Photo Forum A discussion list for photo-imaging education and professional practice.
Time Life Photo Sight A selective archive of photojournalism from Time Life publications. "Photo Links," near the bottom of the page, connects to a useful list of links to museums, other photo sites, individual photographers, and stock photography.
Librarian’s Index to the Internet - Images
Gateway to Art History: Image Collections and Online Art
Core77 Design Magazine and Resource Brief articles, well-illustrated product reviews, job listings, and a calendar of exhibits, competitions, and conferences. Attractive page design and a sense of humor characterize this site.
Design Management Institute Provides information for managers in the design field, with announcements of conferences, job postings, and discussion lists. Also provides abstracts of articles from Design Managament Journal, to which Jen Library subscribes.
ErgoWebOffers news, summaries of case studies, and reference materials related to ergonomics. Site maintained by ErgoWeb Inc., a company created to market software resulting from ergonomics research at the University of Utah.
Industrial Designers Society of America The IDSA web site provides a variety of resources for designers and design students: Listings of jobs and internships, scholarships and competitions. A national directory of industrial design firms, with links to their web sites (where available). A searchable index of Innovation, the ISDA journal (to which the SCAD library subscribes). E-mail links to directors of IDSA district chapters, including the Atlanta chapter.
Glasgow School of Art Examples of work from the product design despartment's 1999 degree show, with links to shows from previous years.
Product Design and Develoment This site includes feature articles on computer-aided drawing, modelling, and engineering, materials, and manufacturing processes. There are also announcements of new products, news releases, and a career center, with advice and job listings.
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Promotes the study of human factors in the design of devices and systems. HFES newsletters and bulletins are published here, along with membership information.
U.N. Environment Programme: Working Group on Sustainable Product Development Describes the work of the WG/SPD, and provides full text of its reports, examples of innovative green design, and the magazine "Way Beyond."
U.S. Patents From the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Provides information about applying for patents, including specific guidelines for design patents. Application forms and associated paperwork can be downloaded, if the computer you’re using has Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Photography Museum
The Internet Public Library--Science and Technology A comprehensive list of links to web sites covering all areas of science.
Eurekalert A collection of links to glossaries and dictionaries in the sciences, including biology, environmental sciences, and medicine and health, among others.
Enviroliteracy From the Environmental Literacy Council, this web site is designed to give students and teachers access to information about environmental issues, particularly the scientific and economic aspects which are often overlooked.
National Library for the Environment Contains up-to-date objective issue reports, including the Congressional Research Reports, environmental laws, research and links on population, ecology and biodiversity.
The Anime Cafe
ABCD Highly descriptive reviews of anime, including films and straight-to-video series. There are also links to other web sites for more in-depth information about specific titles and directors.
Argon Zark!In addition to the online comic Argon Zark!, this site contains suggestions for materials to use in creating comics for the Web, listed under "Tools I Use" and "Books I Use." There is also a list of links to other comics-related resources, at
--the links to online comic books are especially good.
Bob Bryan's Grand Unified Comics Page Names and descriptions of characters from daily newspaper comic strips, with links to web sites about the strips where available. News about the comics industry, particularly new releases and television/movie deals. Interviews with people in the industry.
Comics on the Web News releases on new comics, animated TV and film productions, and related paraphenalia such as trading cards. Focuses mostly on big-name titles and publishers. Guide to Alternative Comics This site offers informed and well-written reviews of new graphic novels, as well as lengthy interviews with comic artists, and examples of new and experimental work.
Origins of American AnimationFrom the Library of Congress, 21 animated shorts and 2 fragments produced between 1900 and 1921, with brief commntary. They ca n be downloaded in the QuickTime, MPEG, and Real Media foramt.
Sequential Tart Produced by a staff of female writers and artists, this site's focus is, more or less, on women in comics; but its topics are so wide-ranging, just about everything comics-related is touched on. Lots of features, interviews, and opinion pieces.
Super Marketing: Ads From the Comic Books Scanned images of advertisements from the back of old comics: Charles Atlas Bodybuilding, Amazing Live Sea Monkeys, Ninja Fighting Secrets, and much more.
The Xeric Foundation A non-profit corporation offering grants to assist comic book creators in self-publishing their work. With instructions on applying for grants, and a list of past winners, including links to their web sites where available.
Words and Pictures MuseumThe Northhampton, Massachusetts museum's Web site has links to all sorts of comics-related pages, including industry news, fan clubs, museums, auction notices, etc. Also features an online exhibit of comic art.
Political science and History
American Memory Online Collections Part of the Library of Congress's effort to establish a digital library of reproductions of primary source materials about the history and culture of the U.S.
Government and Politics links from GALILEO A collection of links to web sites about local, federal, and international government, elections, and and news, from Georgia Library Learning Online (GALILEO).
Historical Text Archive Historical documents arranged chronologically. Strong section on Native American sources. The search engine boxes at the top of the page are advertisements; scroll down to see the main content of the page.
HyperHistoryHyperHistory presents 3,000 years of world history with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps. Over 1,800 files are interconnected throughout the site. In addition to that HyperHistory provides several hundred links to the world wide web. Individual timelines/lifelines include biographical entries for the Arts, Composers, Literature, Science, Politics, and Famous Women."
OCLC NetFirst Hot TopicsLinks to Web sites on current events and controversial issues. Updated with a new topic each week.
Political Information.comA meta site providing links to thousands of sources of political information in the areas of campaigns, news, federal, state, and local government, grassroots movements, Congressional activity, and more.
American Society of CinematographersThis site has several interesting features, beginning with online articles from American Cinematographer magazine. In addition, the section called "Resources" has lists of recommended readings, and a little advice, from working cinematograpers. In the "Studio" section, "Anatomy of a Shot" and "Around the Set" use text and visuals, including 360 degree panoramic movies, to demonstrate how certain projects were done. (Shockwave/Flash and Quicktime 3.0 are needed for viewing.)
Cyber Film School A good collection of links to web sites offering information about various aspects of filmmaking--production, screenwriting, cinematography, sound, editing, legal and financial issues, etc.
Drew's Scripts-O-RamaMore than 600 film and television scripts on the Web. Each one is listed by title, with a link to the host site for the script. There are transcripts (the finished product, as filmed) as well as scripts (the original version).
Experimental Television Center (ETC) An organization sponsoring the creation of experimental video as an art form. ETC provides residencies for about 50 artists from around the U.S. each year.
The Film Festivals Directory An international directory to film festivals. Festivals can be individually searched by name, or an entire list of festivals by country can be pulled up. 56 different countries are included. Links to the festivals' web sites are provided where available. There are also links to other useful film-related web sites.
Filmmag Along with some articles from Film Magazine, this site offers daily news from IndieWIRE, providing up-to-date news on film production. See the section titled "Resources" for links to sites with information about making and showing films, such as outlets for independent films.
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Information about more than 200,000 movies, television productions, and video games. In addition to plot summaries and production credits, there are brief biographies and filmographies for actors, directors, writers, producers, production designers, composers, and other film personnel.
Mandy's International Film and Television Production DirectoryLists companies around the world that provide film and video services. In addition, there are job listings for the U.S. (by state) and 18 other countries.
National Film Preservation Board Home of the National Film Registry and the Moving Image Archives. Links to film archives worldwide.
OffLine Networks OffLine is a national arts organization which distributes independently produced videos and films, and screens independent productions on local cable access stations. In addition to information about these opportunities, their web site features descriptions of video projects they have broadcast, and interviews with artists working in all areas of the fine and performing arts.
SOFIAAn attempt to put film teaching on the Web, this site deals with criticism and analysis. Each topic is addressed in a very brief essay, designed more to get the reader thinking than to develop a complete thesis. The site is laced with thought-provoking quotations from filmmakers and critics. A site that lets people view student films, using RealPlayer software. Students are invited to submit their own works on video, at a charge of $1 per minute of video. Films originally shot in 8mm, 16mm, or 35mm are accepted, if they have been professionally transferred to video (advice on getting this done inexpensively is offered).
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